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Haven't done one of these in a while,

Just wanted to update all my followers on my addition to my Redbubble page, currently updating the page with my latest posters of 2015. You can check them all out here -…

Something I want to add as well, due to the high maintenance that is 2016 due to college I will be focusing more on my final 6 months there so expect me to release one poster per month, each month, one poster for the biggest film that month.

Hope everyone had a great new years! I've been meaning to make an update on this page of mine seeing how rapidly I'm growing, that how I'm seeing myself anyway. Firstly, thank you all of my 209 watchers for my page and I hope you stick around for the future with big and excting things to come!

Lets move on to new and better things, I have finished Year 1 of my UAL Level 3 Graphic Design Extended Diploma course, but of course the second year is still to come and will be much more advanced, which I cannot wait for.

Something new which I have been turned towards is creating my own profile on a design selling website, with myself creating one firstly for Redbubble which you can check out here! -… - one of the reasons to me making this was because I was disgusted at the fact that people were selling my designs and saying that they were their own creations, so I can finally relax.

You can also check out my twitter and follow me, if you have a profile that is! -

After just designing the trilogy Mad Max Poster I have decided to focus on some new additions to my T-shirt designs, which will of course vary to my poster design, but as I like to view my design I love to see variety for that is what Graphic Design is. I have currently 6 designs in the making (a.k.a currently being sketched out for my personal liking) most primarily for Star Wars The Force Awakens and for the minority, Jurassic World - just a little teaser of what to come!

Thank you all who read this and have a happy day, also, check out Jurassic World, worth the watch!

- Lewis
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So today, under my nose, Rockstar Games actually noticed my GTA V posters. This was literally my reaction WAAA??? plz .
I'm so happy by this news that I'll be making an expansion onto Twitter and Facebook to get my work further notified.……

This has made my day so thank you very much Rockstar excited happy 

Thanks for everyones and Rockstars support :D
Hello fellow deviantArt users!

As a quick notice I will be using these journals to list a number of ideas and the amount of progress I will be making on them in the future.

So to start it off:
Dead Island 2 Minimalist Poster
Borderlands - The Pre Sequel Minimalist Poster
The Walking Dead Minimalist and Polygon Art Posters
The Last Of Us Minimalist Poster
Guardians of the Galaxy - Yondu and Rocket Raccoon Polygon Art Poster
Rambo First Blood Minimalist Poster
Leon Minimalist Poster
Xmen Apocalypse Minimalist Poster

Don't forget to leave some comments on other stuff you want me to do, as I really want to explore different styles in my work.